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Financial Aid

Consortium Agreements (Studying at another school)

Many MTSU students are interested in taking one or more classes at another college or university for a Fall, Spring, or Summer semester. The MTSU Financial Aid Office may provide aid (as the Home Institution) to eligible MTSU students through the use of individual consortium agreements. A consortium agreement is a written agreement between two institutions for the purpose of administering student financial aid. The Home Institution is the school granting the student’s degree and paying the student’s financial aid. The Host Institution is the school where the student is enrolled for coursework.

You may be a student who is seeking a degree from another institution (Home Institution), but who would like to take coursework at MTSU (Host Institution) to apply back to your degree at the Home Institution. You should inquire with your Financial Aid Office at your Home Institution to determine if they will initiate a Consortium Agreement with MTSU and administer financial aid for the given semester.

Courses at each school may be combined to determine maximum aid eligibility.

Students interested in this program should contact the MT One Stop.