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Billing and Payment

Direct Deposit

All students receiving a financial aid refund must sign up for direct deposit via PipelineMT using your personal checking or savings account. This is the safest and most convenient way to receive your refund.

PLEASE NOTE: Before entering your direct deposit information, be sure to verify with your bank or credit union the routing number and account number you should enter for ACH transactions. Be aware that not all accounts allow ACH transactions. DO NOT enter the account number from your debit/bank card. The number printed on your card is not a valid bank account number. This account is only for student account refunds, not for payroll deposits. Please contact Human Resources for payroll direct deposit.

To create your direct deposit account, you must do the following:

  1. Access your PipelineMT account
  2. Select “Billing & Payment”
  3. Select “Direct Deposit Setup” then Click “Continue”
  4. Select the “Refunds” tab and click on “Security Settings” to enroll in Two-Step Verification (recommend using Google Authenticator app or use email verification instead of text).  Once enrolled, click on the “Refunds” tab again.
  5. Click “Set up Account” button
  6. Select the type of bank account by choosing “Checking” or “Savings”
  7. Enter in your bank routing number (click “Example” for details) and your checking or savings account number. (DO NOT use the 16 digit account number on your debit card). Enter in the name and billing address on the bank account
  8. Enter a nickname for your payment method such as “My Refund Account” then click “Continue”
  9. Read the authorization agreement and click the “I Agree” box and click “Continue”
  10. NOTE:  This account may also be used by you (not the university) to make payments to your student account.  This is why you must agree to the $30 returned check fee (you will not be charged this amount).  It will take up to 4 business days for your account to be verified as a valid account with the banking system.  Your account will show as “awaiting verification” during this time.

How to change banking information.

  1. Access your PipelineMT account
  2. Select “Billing & Payment”
  3. Select “Direct Deposit Setup”
  4. Click “Continue”
  5. Select the “Refunds” tab
  6. Under “Current Refund Method,” click the gear icon then select “Remove”
  7. Click “Set Up Account” and select “Set up a new account” then click “Continue”
  8. Make sure to name your account something different from the last account or the system will give an error message.

Mark a saved checking/savings account as a “Refund” Account.

  1. Access your PipelineMT account
  2. Select “Billing & Payment”
  3. Select “Direct Deposit Setup”
  4. Click “Continue”
  5. Select “My Payment Profile” under “My Profile Setup”
  6. Click on the gear icon under Action then click “Edit”
  7. Under “Refund Options,” click “Send Code” to send a verification code.  Enter the code then click “verify”
  8. Check the box for “Check here if you would like refunds to be deposited into this account” then click “Save”

Contact Information

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FAX: (615) 904-8169

MTSU Bursar's Office
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