Tuition and Fee Adjustment

Middle Tennessee State University will grant tuition and fee credits for students who make adjustments to their class schedules or withdraw during specific times in a semester. Students who drop classes or withdraw from the university prior to the first day of class will receive a 100% reversal of their tuition and fees. Once a semester has begun, students will be responsible for a portion of their tuition and fees for dropped courses or withdrawing from the university. The fee adjustment percentages are based upon credit hours dropped and not tuition charged. For example, dropping courses during the 75% fee adjustment period means that you will be charged for 25% for each credit hour dropped. Please refer to the current semester's Registration Guide for fee adjustment periods or Important Dates for the fee adjustment periods.

Even Course Exchange

There are instances where MTSU will allow students to drop and add a class without being charged for the dropped course. The following conditions must be satisfied to evenly exchange one course for another:

  1. The student must exchange their courses on the same day. 
  2. The number of credit hours of the courses must be the same. 
  3. A student must be exchanging courses within the same part-of-term.
    1. RODP courses cannot be evenly exchanged with MTSU courses.
    2. RODP Accelerated courses (RA1, RA2) cannot be evenly exchanged with full term RODP courses or RA1 for RA2.
    3. Accelerated courses (A1, A2) cannot be evenly exchanged with the full term or with each other.
    4. Summer sessions cannot be evenly exchanged with other parts of terms. (i.e. Summer S1-May term cannot be evenly exchanged with S2-June term.)

How Fee Adjustments are Calculated

Tuition and fee adjustments are calculated based upon:

  1. the date of the withdrawal or the date the course was dropped,
  2. the fee adjustment multiplier and,
  3. the remaining number of enrolled hours plus a percentage of the hours which were dropped.

Fee Adjustment Period Multiplier
100% 0
75% .25
25% .75
After the Fee Adjustment Period 1.00

For example, if a student is enrolled in 15 credit hours and drops to 12 credit hours during the 75% fee adjustment period, the student will be responsible for the full price of 12 hours plus 25% of the cost of the three credit hours that were dropped for a total of 12.75 (see below).

FEE ADJUSTMENT PERIOD Original Enrolled Hours Dropped Hours Times Multiplier Hours Charged After Drop
75% 15 3 x .25 = .75 12.75

If a student withdraws from 16 credit hours during the 25% fee adjustment period, the student will be responsible for 12 hours (see below).

25% 16 16 x .75 = 12

The remaining hours charged are then multiplied by the per hours rate(s) as follows (based on Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 rates):

Undergraduate Students Rate Per Hours Up To 12
Rate Per Hours Over 12
Undergraduate Instate $260 $52
Undergraduate Out-of-State $937 $188
eRate Undergraduate $390 $390
Graduate Instate $420 $84
Graduate Out-of-State $1,163 $232
eRate Graduate $630 $630
RODP Per Hour Rate  
RODP Undergraduate Instate $364  
RODP Undergraduate Out-of_State $1,041  
RODP Graduate Instate $524  
RODP Graduate Out-of_State $1,267  
Program Services Fee $69 up to $818  


For further information regarding tuition and fees, please refer to the tuition and fee section of this site.

Fee Adjustments for Withdrawn Students

Students who drop all of their classes during a given semester are considered to have withdrawn their enrollment from the university. Tuition and fees will be adjusted based upon the student's withdrawal date. If a student drops all of their classes on the same date, their tuition and fees will be adjusted according to the fee adjustment deadline dates.

What if I have financial aid and withdraw?

If you have received federal Direct Subsidized, Unsubsidized, Parent PLUS loans, Pell or SEOG grants, and Lottery Scholarships, your aid will be prorated based on the amount of time you have attended. All or part of your aid could be prorated resulting in you owing back the university. A hold will be placed on your account preventing you from receiving grades or transcripts, registering for future semesters, or readmitting into the university until the balance is paid in full.

What if I'm on the Deferred Payment Plan and withdraw?

Students who drop or withdraw from classes will still have a balance due under the deferred payment plan. Fees are adjusted based on the drop or withdrawal date. The fee adjustment percentage is NOT applied to the amount of payment, but rather as a percentage of the total fees. A refund would only be issued to the student if the newly adjusted amount of fees is less than the amount that has been paid by the student.

To avoid late fees and ineligibility for the deferred payment plan in future terms, the student should continue to make payment by each due date. Contact the Bursar's Office for the new payment amounts after drop or withdrawal. Remember, withdrawal from classes does not negate the student's responsibility to pay the balance of fees after the semester has begun.