NSF Grant Awarded to Dr. Jing Kong to Develop Computer Simulation Models for Chemical Processes

Sushma     The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded $399,982 to Dr. Jing Kong to develop accurate theoretical models for computer simulations of chemical processes.  Specifically, Dr. Kong and his team of researchers are developing new Density Functional Theory (DFT) methods to accurately provide predictive descriptions of catalysis, optical materials, and semiconducting and superconducting systems.  This research addresses needs at the fundamental level of chemical process prediction to expand the scope of quantum-mechanical based simulations and improve the quality and productivity of research in chemical and other physical sciences.  This work supports the mission of the Computational Science Ph.D. program at MTSU which seeks to provide opportunities for non-chemistry students to gain experience and pursue research in computational chemistry.

     Dr. Kong is also developing a new upper-division course centered around molecular modeling and computational chemistry and will integrate components of the NSF funded research to provide MTSU students with a cutting-edge classroom experience.