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Campus Housing

Cummings Hall

Jim Cummings Hall is a Freshman Student ONLY building and is located beside the Business and Aerospace Building, the James E. Walker Library, John Bragg Media and Entertainment Building and Doug McCallie Dining Hall. Jim Cummings Hall is positioned to provide service specific to first time students. Jim Cummings Hall is equipped with a study room, kitchen, laundry room, study areas and lobby space on each floor. Within the Jim Cummings Hall main floor is located a help desk that is open 7am-midnight weekdays and 7am-2am Friday-Saturday. Refer to the Rates page for cost information.

cummings hall exterior

Typical Layout of a Room in Cummings Hall

cummings interior diagram
A typical room in Cummings Hall includes:
  • two twin XL beds
  • two dressers
  • two desks
  • two chairs
  • one double closet
  • two internet connection ports

Bathrooms are located on each floor and shared by the residents of the floor.
A limited number of private rooms may be available

  • Window: 49.5″ x 61″H
  • Desk: 36″ x 24″
  • Chest: 22″ x 18.5″
  • Mattress: 80″
  • Double Closet: 120″ x 24.5″

Layout is representative of a typical room. Furnishings and measurements may vary from room to room. Many rooms are the mirror image of this layout.

Housing assignment information comes to MTSU email accounts, so check often.