University Standing Committees

Committee Members

The following committees report to the University Provost.

  • Academic Appeals
  • Academic Integrity Committee
  • Academic Scheduling Committee (Special Purpose)
  • Animal Care and Use Committee (Special Purpose)
  • Athletic Committee
  • Athletic Compliance Committee (Special Purpose)
  • Career Achievement Award Committee
  • Council on Teacher Education (Special Purpose)
  • Curriculum Committee
  • Faculty Appeals Committee
  • Faculty Travel Grant Committee
  • Faculty Research and Creative Activity Committee
  • General Education Committee
  • Grade Appeals Committee
  • Graduate Council
  • Honors Council
  • Institutional Review Board (Special Purpose)
  • Instructional Enhancement Grant Committee
  • Intellectual Property Advisory Committee (Special Purpose)
  • International Education and Exchange Committee (Special Purpose)
  • Library Committee
  • Non-Instructional Assignment Committee
  • MTSU Planning Committee
  • Public Service Committee
  • Special Committee on Advising (Special Purpose)

Committees Policy

Historical List

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