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Research Study: College Students and Dance

Dear Students, 

I am an undergraduate student currently conducting her Honors Thesis research, and it would be great if I could have both dancers and non-dancers help me in this research project. 

Study Description & Purpose – My research is on somatic dance movement. I created this survey to assess how much information people know about dance, and whether somatic dance movement may be helpful to college students 

IRB Details: 

· Protocol Title: The Stressed-Out College Student and the Mood-Boosting Abilities of Dance 

· Primary Investigator: Kap Amanda Paull 

· PI Department & College: Honors College 

· Faculty Advisor (if PI is a student): Margaret Brooker, Department of Theatre and Dance 

· Protocol ID: 22-2061 47qv Approval Date: 11/08/2021 Expiration Date: 11/30/2022 

Target Participant Pool – College Students who are not currently suffering from any injuries and can move without discomfort. 

Risks & Discomforts – There are no greater risks or discomforts in this study than what would be encountered in day-to-day life. Since this is an independent activity that participants will be guided through without in-person supervision, participants may wish to complete this study in an environment where someone can look out for them in the unlikely event of injury.

Benefits – There are no direct benefits to the participants, however there is a great benefit to the field of dance research and furthering advancements in research. 

Additional Information – The time duration is estimated to be about 15 minutes. I ask kindly that pregnant women and individuals with physical injuries please abstain from this survey. Please know your personal limits and do not exert yourself in this survey. 

Compensation – There is no compensation for this study. 

Contact Information – Email: 

Phone: (817)863-0842. 

Please enter the survey by clicking the link in the bottom of the email. You will be given a chance to read the entire informed consent to assist you make a final determination. 

Yours Sincerely, 

Kap A Paull 

Qualtrics link for Survey –


Beliefs and Attitudes Toward Working with Older Adults; Sanchez, Moore, and Flagg

Dear Potential Participant,

My name is Zachary Sanchez. I am a senior nursing student at Middle Tennessee State University, asking for your help to complete my undergraduate research project.

Study Description & Purpose

I am studying beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions of health science undergraduate students related to working with older adults. There is a need for a more contemporary and sensitive scale to measure these. We are in the process of testing and validating a new scale that we have created (Beliefs and Attitudes Toward Working with Older Adults; Sanchez, Moore, and Flagg).There are approximately 40 scale questions and some demographic questions. It will take about 20 minutes to complete.

There is a global need for more people to join the eldercare workforce as the world's population ages and eldercare needs become more complex. We will be using the information provided to study how to improve the numbers of healthcare professionals working in geriatric-specific fields. Participation is voluntary, and you may decline or stop at any point. 

IRB Details:

• Protocol Title: Beliefs and Attitudes of Undergraduate Health Science Students Toward Working with Older Adults: Scale Development and Evaluation

•Primary Investigator: Zachary Sanchez;Faculty Advisor: Dr. Shelley Moore

•PI Department & College: Nursing, CBHS

•ProtocolID:21-1193 2qApproval Date:06.01.2021;Expiration Date:12/31/2022

Target Participant Pool– Anyone 18 years and older who is an undergraduate health science major.

Risks & Discomforts –There are no foreseeable risks to completing the survey.

Benefits– The information from this survey may not benefit you directly but may help healthcare professionals devise strategies to increase recruitment into geriatric-specific fields.

Additional Information– All responses will remain confidential. Participants who do not meet eligibility will be excluded.

Compensation– There will be no compensation for completion of the survey.

Contact Information–Zachary Sanchez,;zacharya.sanchez@gmail.comPhone:629-333-2552

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Shelley Moore; Phone: (615) 898-5729

Please enter the survey by clicking the link in the bottom of the email. You will be given a chance to read the entire informed consent to assist you make a final determination.

Thank you for your consideration. Your assistance is appreciated.


Zachary Sanchez, Student Nurse, MTSU

Qualtrics link for Survey






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