Policies for Writing Center Sessions

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The MTSU Writing Center serves a large community of students, faculty, and staff. The following policies ensure that we can continue to serve the community effectively and efficiently. 


  • All appointments are either 25 or 45 minutes long although they appear on the schedule in 30 minute and 1 hour blocks. The additional time is for staff to perform administrative duties.
  • Walk-in sessions may be scheduled for 25 minutes and should, in most cases, cover a single topic or question. Students may also make 45-minute walk-in sessions if the schedule allows.
  • Students may only have one appointment per day and only one appointment on the schedule at any given time. The Writing Center will cancel additional appointments. The only exception to this rule is for writers who have Writing Partnership sessions. Students may have one appointment in addition to their Writing Partnership meeting.

Tardiness and “No-Shows"

  • Appointments are held for ten minutes past the start time. After ten minutes, the appointment is marked as a “no-show,” and the remainder of the appointment is made available for walk-ins.  
  • Appointments that are canceled before the end of the ten minute grace period do not count as missed appointments.
  • Any student who accumulates two “no-shows” is no longer allowed to schedule advance appointments at the Writing Center and is limited to walk-in consultations.

Extra Credit/Proof of Attendance

  • Writing Consultants will not provide a signature or other proof of attendance for a session. If proof of attendance is required, the instructor should ask the student who visited the center to provide a copy of the session review form. Session review forms are emailed to the student after each appointment.  


  • Writing Consultants may not work with students on any portion of their midterm or final exams (including essay exams) without advance written permission from the instructor. Permission should be emailed to Dr. Jim Hamby.
Office Phone

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The Writing Center
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