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A variety of research studies conducted nationally have emphasized the unique potential of on-campus residential settings for positively impacting student success and retention. Studies clearly demonstrate the positive influence of living in residence halls upon freshman persistence, with one researcher concluding: "Even when controls were made for important precollege characteristics, such as academic aptitude, socioeconomic status, educational aspiration, and secondary school achievement, across several independent samples, living on campus still exerted a statistically significant positive influence on persistence and completion of the bachelor 's degree." Another study states the case even more strongly: "By far the most important environmental characteristic associated with college persistence is living in a dormitory during the freshman year." It has been estimated that living in a residence hall added approximately twelve percent to the student's chances of persisting through to graduation.

But what of not just persistence, but of student learning? Other studies demonstrate that living environments with the strongest impact on cognitive development and persistence are typically the result of purposeful, programmatic efforts to integrate students' intellectual and social lives during college. MTSU living-learning centers are especially designed to meet this goal of bringing academic programs and services into the residence halls.

The majority of our spaces designated for single students are affiliated with Living-Learning programs like First Year Experience, Honors Living-Learning Community, or academic major centered communities. Internet access is available for all individual rooms to further enhance the academic experience for students living in residence halls. Each of these initiatives is designed to meet MTSU's goal of creating a student-centered learning environment, one which creatively strives to provide programs and services that are more flexible and responsive to students. Residentially based programs that bring academic support services into the living environment, at hours and on schedules more realistic for students, offer exciting new possibilities for meeting student needs.

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Women in Science and Engineering (WISE)

Aerospace Learning Communities

Freshmen Aerospace majors are invited to join the Aerospace Learning Community. This program is designed to build camaraderie and provide a support network for new Aerospace majors. To support students academically, all students living in the Aerospace Learning Community are encouraged to enroll in AERO 1010, Introduction to Aerospace. AERO 1010 is required of all Aerospace majors. The topics covered in this course include history of aerospace, opportunities in the field, fundamentals of flight, navigation, meteorology, and Federal Aviation Regulations. Upper-class Aerospace students are supported in a community where the focus is on academic connections and issues common to students scheduling flight labs. See application Accommodations Request for building location.

Chemistry and Biology Community

ChemBI is a reserved and restricted community at home within Smith Hall.  The ChemBi community is reserved to support 30 first year students restricted to majors in Chemistry, Biology, or Biochemistry.  Assignment to this community is on a first come first served basis.  Interested students are requested to submit an additional written request for assignment within this community.  Assignment to this community is made by Housing Staff only.  Students requesting this community do not participate in self-assignment.

Members of this community are encouraged to enroll together in common sections of General Chemistry, Biology, and Math so they can study and learn together.  Members may expect periodic interactions outside the classroom with faculty and senior students from the Departments of Chemistry and Biology.  Community members are informed and invited to participate in a variety of departmental activities.  A central goal of this community is to build engagement and mutual academic support among students in these closely related fields.

Students interested in assignment within this community may make their written request to

For more information: Housing and Residential Life, 615-898-2971

Diverse World, Diverse Arts

The Diverse World, Diverse Arts Learning Community affords residents the opportunity to live among a diverse community of students interested in the arts and in integrating the arts into all aspects of the academic experience. Community members will have the opportunity to redefine their living and learning environments through participation in a variety of mixed-media artistic expressions, by helping to design and participate in programming highlighting the arts in the MTSU, Murfreesboro, and Middle Tennessee communities, and by participating in community service outreach activities. All students are invited to participate, but students in Dance, Theatre, Art, and Music form the core of the community. See application Accommodations Request for building location.

First Year Experience

MTSU's First Year Experience programs are geared toward first year students (29 college credit hours or less) and are designed to enhance students' academic success at MTSU. The First Year Experience Program offers a number of unique services for first-year students at MTSU, including lower division classes taught in classrooms located within the residence halls, trained tutors who provide tutoring services in the residence hall tutoring centers and special workshops and programs designed to assist students with their transition to MTSU. See application Accommodations Request for building location.

Food, Agricultural and Environmental Science (FAES) Community @ the Science Corridor

FAES is at home within the five residence halls included in the Science Corridor (Smith, Sims, Beasley, Judd, and Gracy halls).  This learning community is designed specifically for students majoring in Agribusiness, Animal Science, Fermentation Science, Plant and Soil Science, Geology, Physical Geography, or Environment Science. Designed by science faculty, specifically for their students, this learning community helps participants become successful students and future professionals through an approach which emphasizes practical experiences, mentorship, academic achievement and leadership development.   

The FAES’s community design enhances learning experiences by providing opportunities to work directly with faculty experts at MTSU and beyond, recognizes opportunities to improve agricultural and environmental related issues, and supports development of leadership skills through directed leadership events sponsored by science faculty.  FAES community experiences integrate soft-skills like communication, problem solving, self-management, teamwork, and professionalism in order to allow community members to interact with peers, faculty, staff, other community members and industry representatives. 

For more information: Housing and Residential Life, 615-898-2971

Give Me a Beat

Freshmen in the College of Media and Entertainment are invited to join the Learning Community designed specifically for them, Give Me a Beat. This program is designed to build camaraderie and provide a support network for new RIM majors specifically. To support students academically, all students living in the Give Me a Beat community are encouraged to enroll in RIM 1020, Understanding Mass Media. RIM 1020 is required of all Recording Industry majors. The course analyzes the content and context of the American mass media to understand how they affect individuals and society. Community members also have the opportunity to take MATH 1710 and have access to a tutor. Math 1710 grades factor heavily into the candidacy formula for the RIM department. See application Accommodations Request for building location.

Global Learning Community

The Global Learning Community (GLC) offers  a  unique  residential experience for students with an interest in global affairs and is especially ideal    for international students, students considering study abroad,  study abroad returnees, and/or those majoring in a field with an international component. The GLC accommodates residents by special application to House 7 on the Row with additional reserved accommodations among non-participants at Deere and Nicks, and Womack Lane.  All accommodations are just a short walk from the Rec Center, MT One  Stop,  and Student Union. The GLC at House 7 on the Row offers a community shared kitchen, living room, dining room, and group study room. Live-in Housing and Residential Life staff provide academic and social programming opportunities for community members with interaction among faculty and staff from various internationally related fields of study.  An additional special application (available from the Office of International Affairs) and selection process is required for domestic student assignment to the GLC.   Students selected by the Office of International Affairs using a special application and selection process, do not participate in self-assignment as assignments to this community are constructed by Office of  International Affairs staff only.

For more information: Housing and Residential Life, 615-898-2971


The Lyon complex residence halls on the west side of campus are the home of MTSU's Honors Living and Learning Center. Application to this residence facility is limited to students who meet Honors program eligibility requirements. Students who live in the Honors Living and Learning center must also enroll in at least one Honors class (3 credit hours) each semester. Honors program participants living in the Lyon complex have access to special facilities designed to help them make the most of their on-campus experience, including use of a computer lab, access to special Honors College programs and advisement, and other important activities and services. The Lyon complex is located adjacent to the James Union Building. Students who live in these halls have the opportunity to interact with their professors outside of class, participate in Honors Department seminars, gain valuable leadership skills and fulfill mandatory service hours.

Music at Middle

All music majors are encouraged to become a part of this unique community open to music majors from audition to graduation! Musicians of all kinds find a place to come together within this community. Living among students of similar interests, talents, and academic requirements, you will find support and camaraderie. Students will have access to faculty mentors and will have an opportunity to interact with visiting artists from a variety of disciplines. This community enables Music majors to integrate the academic, social and artistic aspects of their lives. This community also offers the unique experience of having a music faculty member living in the building in our Faculty in Residence program. See application Accommodations Request for building location.


We have a learning community for Nursing majors. This program is dedicated to the success of students planning for careers in nursing. Living in this community will allow you to interact with other Nursing and science majors and members of the School of Nursing faculty in a meaningful and enriching way. We have a variety of both fun and educational activities planned for you. See application Accommodations Request for building location.

Pre-Professional Programs: Pre-Med, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Dental

This learning community supports students in their pursuit of pre-professional majors in the health sciences. Preparing students for admission to professional school is the special focus of this community. This community is housed where other learning communities for students in the sciences are also located in order to optimize the use of resources and interaction of students in these majors. See application Accommodations Request for building location.

True Blue

The True Blue LLC allows residents to be fully immersed in, and committed to what it means to be True Blue. Created in support of the True Blue Pledge, this community is based upon the four core values outlined within the pledge: honesty and integrity, respect for diversity, engagement in the community, and a commitment to reason, not violence. As a member of the True Blue LLC, residents will be provided with the unique opportunity to live out the True Blue pledge on a daily basis with other individuals dedicated to being True Blue and fully understanding its meaning. Members of this community will be provided with opportunities both on campus and within the surrounding community to develop leadership and civic skills, embrace diverse experiences and people, and support the ongoing progress of our institution. This community of students are afforded a more independent residential experience while providing a beautiful setting in which to live out their pledge to civil living. See application Accommodations Request for building location.

Women in Science and Engineering (WISE)

The WISE learning community is close to the science and mathematics buildings and provides access to a 24-hour computer lab and study rooms on each floor. Students in the WISE learning community interact with faculty and professional women in their fields of study and have the opportunity to mentor junior high and high school girls interested in the sciences. WISE community members engage in a variety of science-related educational, service, and social activities. See application Accommodations Request for building location.

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