Outreach and Support

MTSU Food Pantry

  • In Fall 2012, MT One Stop and the Student Government Association (SGA) started a student food pantry for MTSU students who were unsure where their next meal was going to come from. Due to an increasing number of hungry college students, it was important to address this need on our campus. As the need continues. we hope that we are able to address the needs of our student body through the food pantry. MTSU joined the College and University Food Bank Alliance (CUFBA) in March 2017, which joins institutions with established food pantries or ones looking to start a food pantry. The items for our food pantry are stocked from food drives, individual and group donations, as well as monetary donations. The MTSU Student Food Pantry has grown tremendously over the years and with the increased growth and demand we have been able to serve students from a variety of circumstances and backgrounds.
  • For more information visit https://www.mtsu.edu/foodpantry/.
  • To donate online or access our wishlist of needed items visit https://www.mtsu.edu/foodpantry/donate.php.

Financial Literacy

  • MTSU is dedicated to the financial wellness of our students as a part of our goal to, “...graduate students who are prepared to thrive professionally, committed to life-long learning, and actively engaged as citizens of their communities and the world.” As a community we aim to achieve this goal by “enhancing the quality of the student life experience,by addressing the financial health of students. As a community we hope to help you make informed financial decisions during your time at MTSU, but also to prepare you for life after college. In helping to prepare you we offer financial literacy presentations as well as on-campus events focused on your financial well-being. In addition to the presentations and events, we also offer a list of additional resources and financial basics to help you learn at your own pace. 
  • For more information visit https://mtsu.edu/financialliteracy/.

Next Step Program

  • Established in 2008, MTSU along with the Department of Children Services, and the Tennessee Youth Advisory Council created the Next Step program. This program was created in part to assist in the transition of those aging out of foster care and transitioning into adulthood. However, these resources were also identified as areas of need for students experiencing or at-risk of homelessness and unaccompanied minors. It is believed that by giving these students the tools they need to succeed it would give them a better chance of succeeding in college and life after graduation. The Next Step program at MTSU aims to address the needs of this population by working to assist with their core needs as well as address the basics of navigating higher education at MTSU.
  • For more information visit https://mtsu.edu/nextstep/.

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