In-State Classification for Fee Payment Purposes

Students not domiciled in Tennessee are classified as out-of-state students and must pay the out-of-state tuition rate. Undergraduate, domestic students may qualify for in-state classification if they meet one of the following scenarios. Please note that students are required to submit the in-state classification application and appropriate documentation for the scenario that applies. Students meeting one of the scenarios below may contact the MT One Stop for information on what documentation to submit.

Possible scenarios to petition for in-state classification: 

  • Move to Tennessee and work full-time (32 hours per week or more) in Tennessee for eight months prior to enrollment 
  • Marry a Tennessee resident OR be the spouse of a Tennessee resident who has moved to the state for reasons other than education
  • Purchase a home in Tennessee (student must be listed as an owner of the home AND be domiciled in Tennessee)
  • Claimed as a dependent of a Tennessee resident OR be the dependent of divorced or separated parents with either parent domiciled in Tennessee
  • Full-time job transfer from the home state to Tennessee with the same company 

Please note that students cannot be claimed as a dependent of an out-of-state parent for tax purposes if seeking in-state classification. 

Access the in-state classification for fee payment application here (PDF).
For fillable PDF, click here.
Access common FAQs here.
Access the MTSU policy on tuition classification here.


Students who do not meet any of the listed requirements above may participate in the Part-Time/ Full-Time program to gain in-state classification status. This program allows students to receive an out-of-state fee waiver by working full-time (approximately 32 hours or more per week off-campus) and taking part-time classes (11 or fewer credit hours a semester) for two consecutive semesters. Once a student completes two consecutive semesters of the Part-Time/ Full-Time program, they are eligible for permanent in-state classification provided they submit all required documentation and are not claimed as a dependent for tax purposes by anyone out of state. 

Access the Part-Time/ Full-Time application here.
For fillable PDF, click here.

For more information, please contact the following:


Academic Common Market

You may qualify for in-state tuition at MTSU if you are enrolled in an academic major not offered in your home state.
Learn more about Academic Common Market here.


A veteran, or any individual entitled to the veteran’s education benefits, enrolled at MTSU shall not be required to pay out-of-state tuition if the veteran or the eligible individual:

  • Is eligible for post 9/11 GI Bill Benefits or Montgomery GI Bill benefits
  • Enrolls at MTSU after satisfying admission requirements, within 3 years from the date of discharge as reflected on the veteran’s certificate of release or discharge from active duty, Form DD-214 or an equivalent document
  • Maintains continuous full-time enrollment
  • Provides 2 of the following within 3 years from the first date of enrollment:
    • Tennessee driver’s license
    • Tennessee motor vehicle registration
    • Tennessee voter's registration
    • Proof of established employment in Tennessee
    • Other documentation clearly evidencing domicile or residence in Tennessee as determined by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission 

Military residency questions can be referred to 615-904-8347.

Regional Scholars Program

The MTSU Regional Scholars Program allows select non-Tennessee resident students seeking an undergraduate degree who live within approximately 250 miles and meet specific academic requirements to attend MTSU at a greatly reduced rate, as well as qualify for the Freshman Academic Merit Scholarships. The recently approved expansion of the program, beginning Fall 2019, will also include new and returning students living anywhere within the eight states bordering Tennessee (Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina and Virginia).

Contact MT One Stop:

Phone: 615-898-2111
Fax: 615-904-8423