PipelineMT Registration Errors and How to Resolve

  • Registration Add Errors will display below your current schedule. Refer to this grid for instructions on resolving errors.

Error Message Description Who to Contact to Resolve
Cannot drop the course without approval You are enrolled in a course that required permission to drop. Once the term begins, these courses cannot be dropped on PipelineMT without permission: student teaching sections, Nursing clinicals, dual enrollment courses, prescribed courses (K sections), select UNIV 1010 courses, and UNIV 2020 courses.

Student Teachers contact: Student Teaching, 898-2485

Students in Nursing clinicals contact: School of Nursing, 898-4803

Students in Dual Enrollment courses contact: Dual Enrollment Office, 898-5246

Students in Prescribed courses (K sections), UNIV 1010, or UNIV 2020 contact: University Studies, 898-2568

Class Restriction Minimum classification (i.e., FR, SO, JR, SR) required. Check CRN for requirement. Contact the department offering the course to request a CLASS (class) override.

Closed Section

Closed Section-X

This course has reached maximum enrollment. The section is full- no seats available.

This section is cross-listed with another section and both sections meet in the same room. That room is now full. 
Choose another section of the course or join the waitlist if the option presents itself in the error menu (see mtsu.edu/registration/waitlist.php for details on waitlists).
College Restriction Restricted to programs (majors) in specific college. Check CRN for requirement. You are not eligible to register for this course based on the college of your major. 

Contact the department of the course to request a COLL (college) override.

Only students in University College majors may take TN eCampus courses. For questions, contact University College at 494-7714

Coreq_xxxxxxxx REQ (xxxx = co-req course that is required) This course is a corequisite with another course. Go to the Display Corequisite link to view all corequisite courses. You must select both courses and submit both CRNs at the same time.
CRN Does Not Exist The five-digit Course Reference Number (call number) entered is invalid. Check CRN and re-enter correctly. If error still shows, the course no longer exists for the term.
Degree Restriction Restricted to specific degrees. Check CRN for requirement. Contact the department offering the course to request a PROG (program) override.
DUPL CRSE WITH SECT xxx You are currently registered in another section (xxx) of this course. If this is a repeatable topics course, contact the department offering the course for permission to add the course. The department must send an approval email to register@mtsu.edu 
Duplicate CRN You are currently registered in this course. Choose another course.
Level Restriction Graduate students only. An undergraduate must seek approval from the graduate office to register for a graduate course. Undergraduates must contact the College of Graduate Studies for permission to register for a graduate course.
Max Hour Maximum hours exceeded. (If requesting an overload, UG students contact academic advisor; GR students contact Graduate Studies). Undergraduate students are limited to 18 hours and graduate students are limited to 12 hours. Go to the Maximum Hours link under the Registration menu for the specific number based on your level or academic standing for the term. Contact your academic advisor for overload permission. If approved, the college will adjust your registration record so that you may register for more hours on PipelineMT.
Permission of Department This course requires approval by the department. The departmental representative may grant a SPEC override. If an override is granted, you still need to register for the course. Contact the department offering the course to request SPEC override for permission of department.

Prerequisite Required. Check CRN for requirement.

Prerequisites and test scores house several areas such as honors eligibility, admission to teacher education, prescribed course placement, and admission to candidacy. You do not meet the minimum grade, admission or placement requirement (test score), or prerequisites for this course. If it is an honors course, you must meet honors requirements to register for the course.
Contact the department offering the course or advisor to request a PREQ (prerequisite) override. Contact the College of University Honors if the course is an honors course for a PREQ override.
Program Restriction Restricted by program (major). Check CRN for requirement. Only students in a specific program may register for this course. If an override is granted, you still need to register for the course. Contact the department offering the course to request a PROG (program) override.
Registration changes are not allowed. Course status dates not within range for part of term. You cannot drop/add on PipelineMT at this time. Must submit drop/add form to MT One Stop with appropriate signatures if after the last day to add on PipelineMT for the part of term.
Registration for DSP classes will affect financial aid eligibility. Federal regulations limit payment of financial aid to 30 semester units. Please inform the student. Do you wish to continue? You are attempting to register for more than 30 hours of developmental courses (not prescribed courses). Contact MT One Stop at 898-2111.
Repeat Grade Restriction You have earned A, B, P, or I in this course previously. You cannot repeat a course with a grade of A, B, P, or I.

Undergraduate students; submit form.

Graduate students; submit form.

Repeat Hours Exceeded You have already taken the course. It may not be repeated for credit. You have earned the maximum hours credit for this course. Contact the department offering the course for permission to take the course again.
Sect Stat Prohibits Reg The course section is not in active status. The course may be canceled or in the process of being canceled and registration is not permitted. Choose another section of the course.
Student Status prohibits Registration Your student status does not allow registration.

Contact Admissions to reenroll. To appeal suspension:

Time Conflict

Time conflict with specific CRN. Choose a different CRN.

Contact the instructors of the courses for permission to register with a time conflict. An instructor must request the departmental representative to enter a TIME override. Once an override is entered on your record, you may register.
You are not authorized to use the Web Info Systems. Contact the Admissions office for information. Have you completed an admissions application? If so, your application is under review and a decision has not been made. Contact the appropriate admissions office. Undergraduate: 898-2111; Graduate Studies: 898-2840.
You are not permitted to register at this time. It is not your assigned registration date/time. You have not been cleared to register for classes yet. If you are reenrolling, you will be cleared for registration on the day after your admission has been approved. If you are a continuing student, registration dates are based on earned hours. View your assigned registration time in PipelineMT on the Registration Status page. Contact the MT One Stop at 898-2111 if you have questions.
You require re-admission prior to registration You are attempting to access Add or Drop Classes page in PipelineMT. Student needs to re-enroll. Contact the MT One Stop at 898-2111.
Your financial aid award is based on a certain enrollment status. If you enroll in fewer credits than required for that status, you may be ineligible for some or all of the aid for the term. Below are the drops and/or adds you entered on the previous page. If you select Cancel, your registered courses will NOT be changed. The "currently enrolled hours" below reflect what they WILL BE if you select Continue. Please verify your schedule is accurate before you exit Self Service by returning to the Drop/Add page after you make your decision. You will see this in PipelineMT under a heading "Term Enrollment and Award Eligibility"; on the Add or Drop page. Contact the MT One Stop at 898-2111.
Your web access has been disabled. Contact ITD Help Desk about your account. Account disabled. Contact Help Desk at 898-5345.