Devoted to Student Success

At MTSU we are completely devoted to student success and our purpose is to help you reach your academic goals.

  • On Campus Tutoring - Tutoring is fundamental to your success as a student. At every level of your academic journey, you will discover that tutoring assists your understanding, recollection, and application of what was presented in the classroom. Tutoring opportunities exist in locations all around the campus and the new tutoring space in the Walker Library is currently under construction. To find free tutoring opportunities that fit your needs, click here.
  • Online Tutoring - A student who is enrolled in any online program has additional options available 24 hours a day. Free online tutoring is available for these students even for courses that they are taking on campus. Click here to find out more.
  • Academic Success Series - Every semester we offer a variety of one hour workshops that are designed to help you succeed as a student. The workshops are free with content and presenters that are focused on specific topics of interest. Click here to find out more.
  • Financial Crisis Aid - Sometimes students are hit with an unexpected crisis that can adversely effect their academic progress. There are several resources available to help students with short term, unexpected issues. Click here to find out more.
  • Helpful Resources - There are many other tools and resources that students often find helpful. Click here to explore them.
  • Ask Mr. Vinnie - Sometimes questions or issues arise that need some personal attention. Click here to send a message and get personalized help specific to your needs quickly.
  • More is coming - The Student Success Initiative will continue to grow and expand. Bookmark this page and come back often and see what other resources are developed to help you succeed.

We are devoted to student success. You matter -- we care. Let us know how we can help you.



Student Success

Course redesign, changes in advising 
key in new Student Success strategy

MTSU has unveiled a sweeping set of reforms to target processes and practices that create barriers to student success. The Quest for Student Success plan, advanced by Provost Brad Bartel and endorsed by President Sidney A. McPhee, calls for MTSU to rework general core courses with high academic failure rates, revamp academic advising and develop customized graduation maps for each student. Read a PDF of the plan here.


Mobile App

MTSU Mobile app puts latest campus info, bus tracking on smart phone

MTSU Mobile, an app for Apple and Android smart phones developed by students for students, provides maps to classrooms, offices, MT Dining spots and other points of interest on campus. Students can also access academic information through their Pipeline account, check calendars and find contact information for their professors. Download it for free by clicking here.

Office of Student Success
Peck Hall, Room 142
P. O. Box 500
8:00am - 4:30pm

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