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Billing and Payment

MTSU, LGI, UT and TBR Dependent Fee Discount

Rules & Procedures

TBR/LGI/UT Employee Dependent Fee Discount forms are available at the institution of employment, usually in the personnel office. These forms should be certified and submitted to MTSU as outlined below. Please refer MTSU Policy 831, TBR Guideline P-131, or UT Policy HR0331 for information on the TBR/LGI/UT Employee Dependent Fee Discount rules.

Special Instructions

  • Employee Dependent Fee Discount forms should be certified by the Employee’s personnel office and display the institution’s billing address.The employer certification should be obtained no earlier than 30 days before fee payment for the semester.
  • A separate discount form must be submitted for each semester the student enrolls.
  • The discount form must be submitted prior to fee payment each semester.
  • Consult the Registration Guide each semester for the exact dates on submitting discount forms to the Bursar’s Office.
  • Approximate dates follow:
    • Submit Fall discount forms | July 1-21
    • Submit Spring discount forms | November 1-17
    • Submit Summer discount forms | April 1-21
  • Turn in completed form to the Business Office, Student Services & Admissions Center, Room 290 or mail to the MTSU Business Office, 1301 E Main St., Murfreesboro, TN 37132.
  • This 50% discount is applied to undergraduate tuition, Program Services Fees and the Distance Education Fee.  It does not cover specialized course fees, materials fees, miscellaneous course fees, flight lab fees, books, supplies, dorm or meals.

If you have any questions regarding the LGI/TBR/UT Employee Dependent Fee Discount Rules & Procedures, please contact Sherri Justice[email protected], in the Bursar’s Office at (615) 898-2167.

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]
(615) 904-8476
FAX: (615) 904-8169

MTSU Bursar's Office
290 Student Services and Admissions Center
1301 E Main Street
Murfreesboro, TN  37132