Training Programs

We offer many training options to fit your level and needs. Check out the guide to determine which program is best for you, and the find the details and how to sign up below.  Learn more about out Personal Trainers and Fitness Specialists on the Fitness & Wellness Staff page.

Training Program Options


About MyFit

MyFit is an individualized program that helps you work towards overall wellness by setting goals relating to your current health and wellness, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle. The program starts with an intake to help you identify your needs, likes, time, and equipment access.


New clients will have 3 sessions. If a client renews within 6 months of their initial intake, they can renew and will have only 2 sessions.

  •  Intake Session – this session is used to identify your goals, talk about resources and education to help get you reach these goals, your likes/dislikes, and you time commitment for your fitness program. This session is for new clients or those who have not renewed within 6 months.
  • Program Session – at this session, your Fitness Specialist will present you with your 4-week fitness program. They will walk you through the progressions and make sure you feel comfortable with the exercises provided. You will complete the program independently, however you can always reach out to your trainer with questions.
  • Follow-up Session – for those renewing, this session will be for you to discuss any changes you would like to make to your program. If you are not renewing, your Fitness Specialist will guide you on how to continue your program and other ways to continually work towards wellness.

Personal Training

About Personal Training

Personal Training is like MyFit, but you will complete scheduled workouts with a certified Personal Trainer present at the session. You will still set goals and be provided workouts to complete outside of the sessions, but this option allows for supervision during scheduled workouts and on-the-spot feedback. This is a great option for those looking to have increased accountability and anyone need more supervision due certain medical or health needs.


Sessions will be schedule based on a frequency that works for you and your Trainer. See “Costs” below for package options and pricing. The Intake session is free and does not count toward the sessions purchased.

  • Intake Session – this session is used to identify your goals, talk about resources and education to help get you reach these goals, your likes/dislikes, and set up when you and your Trainer will meet.
  • Training Sessions – your Trainer will lead you through workouts at each session, providing feedback and education along the way. You will also get workouts to complete outside of your sessions to assure you are doing all you can to work towards your goals.

How to Sign-up for the Training Programs

Ready to start your MyFit or Personal Training program? Complete the Training Program Interest Form and you will hear back from the Tess Swastek (Fitness Coordinator) or Caleb Paschall (Personal Training Coordinator) to get the next steps.

Once Tess or Caleb reviews your request and make sure we can fit your needs, we will send the instructions for payment, paperwork to complete before your first session, and a link to schedule your first session.

Training Program Interest Form


MyFit (Formerly Raider Ready)
  MTSU Students Non-Student Members
New Client $35 $60
Renewal w/in 6 months $25 $50 
Personal Training
  MTSU Students Non-Student Members
4 Sessions $105 $120
8 Sessions $170 $185
12 Sessions $235 $250
24 Sessions                     $410 $430





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