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Outdoor Equipment Rental (OER)

We carry name-brand gear you need to paddle, camp, backpack, fish, and bike. If it’s your first time doing the activity, renting gear gives you the chance to try out quality brands and outdoor activities instead of purchasing, cleaning, and storing the gear. And if you really get into the sport, you can always go buy it later, and now you have an idea of what you need to get. MTOP staff are equipped to offer advice, give personal tips and tricks, and you can even schedule an appointment with guides to help plan your personal outdoor excursion while renting MTOP gear. Our most popular rental items are sit on top kayaks and stand up paddleboards (inflatable and rigid), Jackson Zen white-water kayaks, fishing poles and tackle, Feel Free angling kayaks,70 liter Osprey backpacks, MSR backpacking stoves, and Big Agnes tents. See below for FAQ and pricing.


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Equipment Rental FAQ's:

What kind of gear should I get?

 Staff can offer recommendations on what gear you need for each activity and can make sure you are set up for success before leaving. If you just need a few items, you can rent a la carte. But if you need everything for your trip, we have several different packages to choose from such as a backpacking, camping, and paddling where your essential items are included at a discounted rate to ensure you have a great trip! And all watersport rentals include paddles, and life jackets. Helmets and spray skirts are available for white-water rentals. 

How far in advance should I reserve my equipment?

Gear is on a first-come, first-serve basis, and although we have a large inventory, you need to pay in advance to guarantee your reservation. Therefore, we highly encourage customers to come by the OER or give us a call during business hours 1-2 weeks before your trip to reserve your gear. We do allow day-of rentals, but we cannot guarantee gear will be available. Please note that we usually sell out of all water-based rentals over holiday weekends, so plan accordingly. You can pay in person or over the phone during operating hours.

Can staff help me plan my trip?

The OER is more than just a rental center as staff can give advice about recreation opportunities within the region and can even sit down with you to help plan your excursion. Email blake.osborn@mtsu.edu in advance if you need in-depth help with planning your next adventure!

Do MTSU Students or faculty/staff receive a discount?

All prices are for the general public, and we offer a 20% discount for current MTSU students and a 10% discount for current MTSU staff and faculty.


Rental Policies

  • We can accept cashcheckor credit cards 
  • Day of rentals are allowed, but reservation requests must be paid in advance to officially reserve gear.
  • If you pay in advance, we will have items ready for pickup on the first day of the rental, saving you time as it takes a little while to put things together
  • Any reservations canceled on the day of the pickup will incur a $2/item fee.
  • Equipment returned late is charged at twice the daily rate for every day the equipment is late.
  • Equipment is available to anyone in the MTSU community as well as the public.
  • Rental Rate PeriodsDaily means one 24 hour period (available, M,T,TR, F) and Weekend means pickup on Friday and return Monday (during business hours).

Click Here to view All OER policies

Equipment Rental Rates and Fees

  • MTSU Students get 20% off any equipment rental!
  • MTSU Staff/Faculty get 10% off any equipment rental!


type (Brand) Day Rental Weekend Week
2 Person Tent (Big Anges) $10 $15 $20
4 Person Tent (Big Anges) $15 $20 $30
6 Person Tent (Big Agnes) $20 $25 $40
Backpacking Pack (Osprey) $10 $15  $25
Day Pack (Osprey) $4 $8  $10
Sleeping Bag (Big Agnes) $8 $10 $15
Sleeping Pad (Thermarest) $2 $5 $7
Cook Set (MSR) $4 $8 $12
Stove - Single Burner (Jet Boil/MSR) $4 $8 $12
Stove - Two Burner (Camp Chef) $8 $12 $20
Headlamp $3 $5 $8
Double Hammock w/Straps (Eno) $5 $10 $15
Rainfly (Eno) $3 $5 $8
Trekking Pole $3 $5 $8
Water Filter $3 $5 $8
Camp Chair $5 $10 $15
Small Cooler (Orca) $5 $10 $15
Large Cooler (Orca) $10 $15 $20
Can Jam, Spikeball
Disc Golf Discs, Cornhole
$5 $10 $15


Type Day Rental Weekend Week
Climbing Shoes $5 $10 $15
Crash Pad $10 $15 $20
Helmet $3 $5 $8


Type   Day Rental Weekend Week
Mountain Bike (BMC) $20 $45 $60
Full Suspension Mountain Bike (Canyon/Norco) $30 $45 $60
TREK Commuter Bike (Canyon/Norco) $10 $25 $50

Water Sports

Type Day Rental Weekend Week
Single Kayak - Inflatable or Rigid (Aire/Crecsent) $20 $35 $50
Tandem Inflatable Kayak or Canoe (Aire/Old Town) $30 $45 $60
Whitewater Kayak (Jackson/Pyranha) $20 $35 $50
Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard (NRS/TAHE) $20 $35 $50
Rigid Stand Up Paddleboard - Lake Only (TAHE) $40 $50 $70
Fishing Kayak (Moken) $50 $60 $80
Raft - 4 Person (RMR) $50 $70 $110
Raft - 6 Person (Aire/NRS) $70 $90 $130
Paddle (Kayak, SUP, or Raft) $5 $10 $15
Wetsuit (Stohlquist) $4 $8 $12
Life Jacket, Skirt, Helmet, Splash Jacket (Price per) $3 $5 $10
Fishing Rod and Reel (Free w/valid fishing license) $5 $10 $15
Small Tacklebox $5 $5 $5
Fly Rod (Reddington) $15 $25 $40
Waders (Orvis) $10 $15 $35
Wading Boots (Reddington) $5 $10 $25

Gear Replacement Fees

  • Single Inflatable Kayak and SUP
    • Boat: $550
    • Bladder: $100 per bladder
  • Tandem Ducky
    • Boat: $700
    • Bladder: $150 per bladder
  • Rigid Kayak and SUP
    • Boat: $650-$1100 depending on model
  • Canoe: $800
  • Broken parts: $50-$400
  • Kayak / SUP Paddle: $80
  • Life Jackets: $80
  • Spray Skirt, Helmet: $100
  • Sleeping Bags: $90
  • Sleeping Pad: $40
  • Osprey Backpack: $200
  • Tents: $200-$400
    • Broken Poles: $100
  • Hammocks and Rainfly: $75
  • Camping Stoves
    • Single: $30
    • Double: $100
  • Headlamp: $30
  • Water Filter: $40
  • Bikes: $400-$700
    • Broken parts vary
  • Crash Pad: $150
  • Coolers: $100-$200
  • Camp Chair: $50


Equipment Care Instructions

Inflatable Kayaks, Stand-Up Paddleboards, and Rafts

  • Overinflating or leaving in hot temperatures can cause air bladders to burst.
  • Only inflate when ready to put on the water within minutes. Once the craft is in the water, it is unlikely to burst. But if left fully inflated for more than a few minutes, it runs the risk of bursting
  • We highly recommend filling it ¾ up, and then top it off right before you put on the water. We also recommend taking the pump with you on the water in case you need to add a little more air as you go. We’d rather you fill it less and have to fill it up on the trip than overinflate on shore and risk bursting it, leaving you responsible for replacement costs.
  • Once you are done with the trip, immediately let out at least ½ of the air. Most people completely deflate it at this point.
  • NEVER inflate and then attach on a roof rack or trailer – it is highly likely it will burst.
  • Do not drag inflatables over shallow / rocky areas, and when on shore, carry it instead of dragging. Unload all passengers and CARRY it over the shallow areas. Dragging may lead to puncturing the vessel.
  • Do not use your paddle to pry your way off rocks, the paddle will likely break. Get out and carry it.

Rigid/Hard Watercraft

  • Do not drag vessel on shore or over rocky/shallow areas. Get out and carry it on land, and if on the water, get out and let it glide through the water without your body weight. Failure to do so may cause damage to boats.
  • Do not use your paddle to pry your way off rocks, the paddle will likely break. Get out and carry it.

Camping Gear

  • Sleeping Bags
    • Never sleep directly on ground or near open flames as they are delicate outer layers and extremely flammable. Even a small spark can damage the bag and will be a full replacement fee.
    • Be gentle with zippers. Do not force if stuck. Gently remove stuck fabric from zipper, or you risk tearing it.
  • Tents
    • Like sleeping bags, the tent body is delicate and should always be placed on a complimentary ground tarp to keep it away from sharp edges
    • Clear any sticks or stones from underneath the tent before setting up.
    • We recommend staying at least 25 feet from campfires, and never set it up downwind of a fire. Sparks and ash can cause holes and will result in tent replacement fees.
    • Be gentle with zippers. Do not force if stuck. Gently remove stuck fabric from zipper, or you risk tearing it.
    • Please no smoking or cooking in tents
    • Pets are allowed, but if they cause damage from chewing or claws, you will be charged.
    • We recommend storing food in your vehicle or proper bear and animal storage away from camp. Bears and other rodents are attracted to food, and even mice are known to chew through tents to get to food. Keep a clean camp!
In addition to OER hours, inquiries about equipment rentals and returns may be made during Campus Recreation office hours by calling 615.898.2104.






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