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Financial Aid

Scholarship Opportunities for First-Time Incoming Freshmen

The Fall 2024-Spring 2025 Scholarship Guide provides an outline of all scholarships and is suitable for printing for your review or to share with family members. For Spanish version, please click here

MTSU awards an array of academic merit scholarship opportunities based on ACT scores and GPA.

Prospective students should go to the Admissions website,, and begin the enrollment process in order to be eligible for the awards. The new scholarships will not stack with previously awarded guaranteed scholarships nor will they be upgraded once awarded. Refer below for ACT/SAT equivalent scores, renewal requirements, and fine print.

For students who missed the December 1 deadline for Freshman Guaranteed Scholarships, MTSU is offering the following scholarships to academically eligible freshman who apply to MTSU for fall 2024 before August 1.

         Century Scholarship34-363.5$6,000
         Lightning Scholarship30-333.5$3,000
         Blue Raider Scholarship25-293.5$2,500
         Future Alumni Scholarship22-243.5$1,500

Academic Requirements and award amounts for MTSU Freshman Guaranteed Scholarships Effective Fall 2024 for students who meet all requirements by December 1.

Scholarship Table

To be considered for a Freshman Guaranteed Scholarships, students must meet the following requirements: 

(ALL of the following information must be on file with the Admissions Office postmarked by December 1st to be considered for a scholarship in the chart above.)

  • Application for admission as a new Incoming Freshman
  • Admissions Application fee paid or completed and qualified for fee waiver
  • Official ACT and/or SAT test score (without the writing subscore)
    • Students must have an official ACT/SAT test score on file by December 1st and be admitted to MTSU to be reconsidered for a scholarship award or upgrade due to a higher December test score.
  • Official sixth-semester high school transcript with cumulative GPA requirement (transcript must reflect GPA through end of junior year).
    • MTSU will consider the seventh-semester high school transcript (through end of the 1st semester of Senior year) if the transcript is on file as of December 1
  • Must be a US Citizen or permanent resident.
  • Be a first-time incoming freshman who plans to enroll at MTSU in the Summer or Fall semester.

Refer to the above chart for qualifying ACT* test score and high school GPA requirements. 

       *Refer below for ACT/SAT equivalent scores.

No separate scholarship application is required for guaranteed academic scholarships. Student will receive notification of the scholarship award offer by February. To take advantage of the scholarship offer, students must accept the scholarship by May 1! Instructions of how to accept the scholarship will be included in the scholarship award notice.

Notes:  Students who will be joining MTSU in the summer or fall semesters, who apply by the priority deadline, AND who meet minimum eligibility requirements will be offered the appropriate scholarship starting Fall 2024 as long as funding is available. 

Students can receive these scholarship for up to four years (or 8 semesters) as long as the scholarship renewal eligibility requirements are met after each semester. Continuing Scholarship eligibility is checked after every Fall and Spring semester. In order to have the scholarship renewed, students must be enrolled full-time every Fall & Spring semester in coursework applicable towards their program of study; maintain full-time enrollment throughout semester; and have at least a 3.00 cumulative GPA. This information is conveyed to students when they officially accept the scholarship offer via their Pipeline account. 

*SAT equivalent scores are for tests taken March 2016 and after and will include Evidence-Based Reading/Writing and Math scores. 

  • ACT Composite score of 22-24 is equivalent to 1100-1190 SAT Total score
  • ACT Composite score of 25-29 is equivalent to 1200-1350 SAT Total score
  • ACT Composite score of 30-33 is equivalent to 1360-1480 SAT Total score
  • ACT Composite score of 34-36 is equivalent to 1490-1600 SAT Total score

The fine print

GPA and test scores on file with the Admissions Office at the time of the scholarship review will be used for awarding purposes. When determining which scholarship a student is eligible for, we will consider your GPA based on either the 6th or 7th semester transcript and highest composite test score (without writing sub-scores) on file with the Admissions Office as of the Dec 1st priority deadline. Students must have an official ACT/SAT test score on file by December 1st and be admitted to MTSU to be reconsidered for a scholarship award or upgrade due to a higher December test score.

MTSU does NOT accept ACT or SAT Super-Scores. A Super-score is when the student’s sub-scores from multiple tests are combined to form the highest composite score.

We are happy to accept a weighted GPA if one is provided by the high school, but are unable to calculate a GPA other than what is provided on the official transcript. 

Students who graduate high school with either a GED or HiSet are NOT eligible due to no high school GPA provided.

Unless noted, scholarships are granted for a maximum of 8 semesters. Scholarships are not available during the summer term.

Recipients must be US citizens or permanent residents. Recipients must also be EVEA verified (or lawfully present in the United States). For more information regarding EVEA, please visit

In the event that MTSU offers multiple scholarships to a student, (including scholarships awarded through other departments but funded by the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office, including the Guaranteed Academic Scholarships, the National Merit Scholarships, Buchanan Fellowship, and Freshman DREAM Scholarship), the student will be awarded the higher of the two. A student may receive a university scholarship in addition to a Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship.

A student’s total financial aid, including scholarships and grants, may be reduced based on specific financial aid sources that are restricted to Cost of Attendance (COA) limitations. In most cases, if a student is receiving federal and/or state aid, their total financial aid can NOT exceed COA. For more information, please contact the MT One Stop.

The awarding of scholarships is based on the availability of funds and the criteria set forth by the appropriate governing bodies, and is subject to change without notice. 

The Buchanan Fellowship is awarded through the prestigious MTSU Honors College, and is the highest academic award given to an entering freshman at Middle Tennessee State University. Students must plan to enroll for the first time in the summer or fall semester to be eligible for the Buchanan Fellowship.

Buchanan Fellows must complete a separate application process that is administered through the Honors College. Fellows selected for participation enter the university as a part of an elite cohort and participate in a specially designed cohort curriculum of courses. Fellows receive a host of special benefits including a full tuition scholarship for up to 16 credits each semester, special seminars, priority registration, a book allowance, priority consideration for study abroad, and much more. The Buchanan Fellowship award is guaranteed for four years, providing you continue to meet all requirements.

To compete for a Buchanan Fellowship, an applicant must

  • apply for undergraduate admission to Middle Tennessee
  • complete and return the Buchanan application form to the Honors College by December 1 of the year prior to fall enrollment
  • have a high school GPA greater than or equal to 3.5
  • have a composite ACT greater than or equal to 30 (or SAT equivalent)
    • Prior to March 2016- SAT score of 1280 (Critical Reading & Math)
    • March 2016 and future tests- SAT score of 1360 (Evidence-Based Reading/Writing & Math)
  • provide an official transcript of all high school work completed
  • be EVEA verified (or lawfully present in the United States). For more information regarding EVEA, please visit

Successful applicants generally possess qualifications that equal or surpass those required for other MTSU academic scholarships. For more information and scholarship application, visit the website of the Buchanan Fellowship

Middle Tennessee State University values the richness of learning opportunities brought to our campus through diversity in our student body and faculty. To demonstrate that commitment and encourage the enrollment of students from populations underrepresented at MTSU, scholarships are offered to freshmen who will contribute to the creation and education of a diverse student body. For the purpose of this scholarship, diversity is considered to include (but is not limited to) any of the following: Veterans, Non-Traditional students, Disability status, First-generation college students, Gender identity/expression, Personal hardships, sexual orientation or Special gifts or talents.

Through  state funds, recipients of the DREAM Scholarship will receive $2,000 per year for up to four years (maximum of eight semesters). 

MTSU DREAM Scholarship eligibility requirements

  • An incoming freshman joining the university in the summer or fall semester
  • A Tennessee resident, and US citizen or permanent resident. Must also be EVEA verified (or lawfully present in the United States). For more information regarding EVEA, please visit
  • A graduate of Tennessee high school or Tennessee homeschool

In addition, you must:

  • Meet current academic and other eligibility requirements for the Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship as of the February 15 scholarship application deadline
  • Have an Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) of 12,000 or less on FAFSA
  • Enroll full-time for every fall and spring semester
  • Not be a recipient of a Guaranteed Freshman Scholarship (as indicated above), a National Merit Scholarship or the Buchanan Fellowship
  • Students must apply for this scholarship by submitting the online Scholarship Application by February 15 to be considered for an award for the following academic year.  The Scholarship Application opens up every year on October 1st. To complete the scholarship application, go to and login using your PipelineMT username and password. Once logged in, complete General Scholarship Application to be considered for this particular scholarship.
  • Meet diversity requirements

MTSU DREAM Scholarship renewal requirements

The DREAM Scholarship will be available for fall and spring semesters only and will be renewable for up to eight semesters, dependent on available funding. Students must meet the following requirements to retain the award: 

  • Enroll full-time (at least 12 hours) every fall and spring semester
  • Have an Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) of 15,000 or less on FAFSA
  • Meet all renewal requirements for the Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship, including but not limited to the following:
  • Complete the FAFSA annually, by February 15 of each year, and complete the verification process, if selected
  • Meet Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements
  • Meet GPA and enrollment requirements for the Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship Program.   

MTSU offers approximately 700 endowed and other scholarships to approximately 2000 students each year through special programs sponsored by various academic and administrative departments. Application processes vary from department to department. Many of these Foundation and departmental scholarships require online applications or paper applications.

Foundation and departmental scholarship deadlines

Most scholarships have an application deadline of February 15. After a scholarship deadline has passed, the application for that scholarship will no longer be accepted.

The Scholarship Application opens up every year on October 1st and closes February 15th. To complete the scholarship application, go to and login using your PipelineMT username and password. Once logged in, complete the General Scholarship Application, along with any other applicable scholarship applications to be considered for all scholarships.

Departmental scholarships of special interest 

Information regarding four of our most popular areas of interest are noted below. Please be aware that this is not a comprehensive list, so you should contact departments of interest to ask about scholarship opportunities and search the website for other opportunities.

  • Army ROTC Scholarships – Awarded to ROTC program participants by the Military Science department. For more information, visit the above website or call 615-898-2470.
  • Meharry Medical School Early Acceptance Program (MSEAP) 

    MSEAP is a seven-year early medical acceptance program restricted to incoming freshmen that begins with acceptance into the program as an undergraduate at MTSU and concludes with graduation from Meharry Medical College.  The program consists of three years of study in a prescribed undergraduate premedical school curriculum and four years of medical school study. Upon matriculation into the program, students receive conditional acceptance to MMCSOM.
  • Music Scholarships – Competitive music scholarships are awarded to both music and non-music majors for instrumental or vocal performance. Band scholarships are also available. For audition dates and requirements, please visit the above web site or call (615) 898-2469.
  • Scholarships through the June Anderson Center Scholarship for Women and Non-traditional Students
  • Student-Athlete scholarships at MTSU are awarded by the coaches of that particular sport. For more information, please contact the appropriate coaching staff.

Scholarship Thank You Letters

If you are awarded a Foundation and/or Departmental Scholarship, you are expected to write a Thank You letter to the scholarship donor, showing your appreciation for the scholarship.  Your Scholarship offer notification letter should include information regarding a Thank You letter.

Scholarships are made possible through the generous donations of corporations, professional associations, college alumni, and individual philanthropists. Those who provided your scholarship very much appreciate knowing about you and that the scholarship you are receiving made a difference. Your thank you letter acknowledges the importance of generous support for students like you. 

Tips for writing a well-written Scholarship Thank You Letter:

  • Mention the scholarship program by name
  • Identify your college or university
  • Mention your educational background and any obstacles you’ve overcome to make it to college
  • Mention any extracurricular activities you are involved in, particularly community service projects
  • Discuss both your educational and career goals
  • Express your enthusiasm & appreciation for the scholarship, and the impact it has had on you and your family
  • Make sure the letter is free of both grammatical and spelling errors. 
  • Write clearly and concisely.
  • Be sincere.

 For examples, please visit:

Please send your Scholarship Thank You Letters via postal mail to

Scholarship Program Name – Put the name of your Scholarship received here
c/o Gina Stanley 
MTSU Development Office Box 109
1301 East Main Street 
Murfreesboro, TN  37132

 If you have questions about the thank you letter, call Ms. Stanley at 615-898-5015 or email [email protected].

In addition to the Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship program (TELS), Tennessee residents may qualify for state-based aid programs, which include a need-based grant, several scholarships based on merit or other factors, and loan forgiveness programs for students in certain majors. These programs are administered through the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation.


Please contact the MT One Stop!