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Description of Codes Used in Prerequisite Checking

Candidacy, Honors Eligibility, and Teacher Education

CADCandidacy – Advertising
CALCCalculus Placement Test
CANCandidacy – Animation
CBJCandidacy – Electronic Media Journalism
CBUMCandidacy – College of Business Minor
CBUSCandidacy – College of Business Major
CIDCandidacy – Interior Design
CJFCandidany – Journalism
CMEMCandidacy – Electronic Media Communication/Media Arts
CMMCandidacy – Media Management
CMMCCandidacy – Graduate Mass Communications
CMPCandidacy – Video and Film Production
CMRICandidacy – Recording Industry
CMSJCandidacy – Journalism
CNMCandidacy – Interactive Media
CPHCandidacy – Photography
CTADCandidacy – Textiles, Merchandising, and Design: Apparel Design
CTFMCandidacy – Textiles, Merchandising, and Design: Fashion Merchandising
CTHECandidacy – Theatre
FISFreshmen Institute Scholars
HADMHonors Eligible at Admissions
HBCNBuchanan Scholar
HONRQualifies for Honors Courses
HMNLHonors Courses Qualified
HSCHHonors Scholar
MGVLManagement Validation Exam
MKVLMarketing Validation Exam
RIAPCandidacy – Audio Production
RICSCandidacy – Recording Industry: Commercial Songwriting
RIMBCandidacy – Recording Industry: Music Business
RIPTCandidacy – Audio Production
TEDAdmission to Teacher Education

Prescribed Courses based on Placement

SOATEST Score/ValuePrescribed Courses
DSPM 1 – 1.9MATH 1000KC
DSPM 2 – 2.9MATH 1010K or 1530K
DSPM 3 – 3.9MATH 1010K, 1530K, or MATH 1710K
DSPM 4Non-Prescribed, College Level
DSPR 2 – 3.9READ 1000K 
DSPR 4Non-Prescribed, College Level
DSPW 2 – 3.9ENGL 1010K 
DSPW 4Non-Prescribed, College Level